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Hi! Amy. I is nice talking to you after long time. Will you take a look at these sentences and tell me whether those are OK?  1. He asked me when we are going to get there (we are to go there next week)  2. I told him I do not eat meat ( I still do not eat meat from the momet I uttered the above statement) 3. Ann told me John is a liar ( Ann and I still believe it) 4. He told me he has never been to UK ( from the moment he uttered this I know very well that he hasn't got any chance to get to UK) Thank  you in advance Amy.

Hello Buddhi,

nice to hear from you!

Your sentences are all OK. The only one that you want to change is the 4th one. We say "the UK" so your sentence should read:

He told me he has never been to the UK.

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to more of your questions.


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