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Would you help me in finding a word,
for a person who learns by repeating\r
At first I thought such person could be termed as a 'Memorizer'
But the squiggly red lines say otherwise

I've searched a lot but I couldn't find anything except the word 'rote'
I've searched synonyms for it but haven't got any satisfying answer
I've found out that rote means to learn by repeating the content but how do i use it in a sentence and what to call a person who 'rotes'.

Thank you

Hello Ritesh,

and thanks for your question.
The word "memorizer" doesn't exist in English, so the "squiggly red line" is doing its job properly.

We do use the term "rote memorization" or "rote learning" to describe a memorization technique based on using repetition.

As far as a name for a person who learns by repeating, I don't think there is one particular word for that, instead we say: "a person who prefers a rote learning style" or "someone who prefers rote memorization/learning" "someone who rote memorizes"

For ex:
This is a poem that I learned by rote (memorization) when I was a little kid.
Tony decided to rote memorize/learn the formulas for his science test.

I hope this helps.

Looking forward to more of your questions.

Best regards,


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