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I have to memorize a long list of words:like 4000 word.Can you give me some pieces of advice how to memorize them?I memorize it but I will forget it the next day.Is it possible to memorize them in about 2 months?or do I need more than two months? Btw they are GRE words.
First correct my question then answer the question and help me. thanks a lot

Hi Nina!

Once again, sorry for the late reply but thanks for your patience!

It is possible to memorize a large list of words in a fairly short time, but it is much more difficult and you are very likely to forget them again afterwards.  But if your goal is to retain them for a test, then I can give you some advice.

1. Chunk the words: If you are trying to memorize words, it helps if you can group them together by commonalities.  For example, if a group of those words are about business, put them together and try to study them as a group (business words).

2. Use the words: gather a group of words, say 10-20, and use them either orally - through speaking - or verbally - through writing.  Used words tend to stay in our memories more than words that are only heard or read.

3. Study consistently, but study the most BEFORE the test.  Right now you'll want to study consistently; a little bit every day, but increase the amount you study more closer to the test day.

4. Study what you are having trouble with most FIRST and/or LAST: if there are words you are havhing trouble memorizing, start and/or finish your study session with those words.

5. Make it enjoyable!  If an experience is enjoyable and we are interested in it, we tend to improve more!

I hope that helps, and good luck!

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