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What are the possible answer I can give to these questions" how is it going?"  "How are things your way?"

Is" how is it going?" different from "how are you?"?

Hi Nilo,

usually when asked "How's it going?" or "How are things going?" (how are things your way is not correct) or "How are you?" (these all mean one and the same by the way) you can answer by saying:

Good, (you?)
Fine, (and you?)
How's it going for you?
Very well, thanks!
Not bad, (and you?)
Great/wonderful, and how are you?
It's going (fine/well/great)!
What's going on?

and so on and so forth.

The answer depends on the age of the people talking, their cultural background, country/region, social circumstances etc.

I hope this helps.



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