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Hello Amy,

I am taking a 140 hour tefl course.

I am currently working on my Unit 2 Task which is about "ways to present vocabulary".

The question I am stumped on is:

Proud (adjective)
a) How would you explain the word? 
b) How would you check to ensure that your students understood the meaning? 

I can use any technique except resorting to translating to L1.

I thought of realia, magazine cuttings, OHP transparencies, blackboard drawings, wall-charts, and flashcards. But I still can't make think of a way to clearly explain the word PROUD.

Hi John,

When introducing new vocabulary to students I don't usually "aim" for individual words, it's typically a group of words that are introduced and what seems to matter the most is the context.

I can suggest a number of techniques for teaching/reviewing vocabulary that I use. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you with your lesson plan.

*Find a short text that talks about pride/being proud and read it to your students (or have them read it), then ask them to put the text in their own words to the best of their abilities.

*Use the dictionary definition of the word(s) and then have your students explain the new vocabulary using their own words.

*Have the students use the new word(s) in creating new sentences, mini dialogues, short text etc.

*You can also try bingo cards, mix and match type of exercises (where students have to match words with their definitions), filling in the blanks, mind maps or brainstorming.

These websites may also come in handy:


I hope this helps to some extent.



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