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Hi Amy...thanks for all the answers, I am thanking you in anticipation also.

Please explain question tags.

Are you a doctor, Are you? (is this correct, can we begin the sentence with are here)

You are a doctor, Are you?  (or is this)

I know 'Aren't' you can be used but can 'Are you' too be used ?

Hello Dev,

First of all, "are you" can not be used in the context above. See below for more.

We use tag questions when we think we know the answer to a particular question, but we want the person we're asking the question to confirm what we already suspect.

You can have two types of situations:

you make an affirmative statement, followed by a "negative" tag question
You're a doctor aren't you?
Mom set the table for dinner, didn't she?
Mary can help me, can't she?


you make a negative statement, followed by a "positive" tag question
You are not a doctor, are you?
Mom didn't set the table for dinner, did she?
Mary can't help me, can she?

for more info and examples, see this link: http://www.english-zone.com/grammar/tags01.html

Let me know if I can further help you with this topic or anything else Dev.



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