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Hi Amy,

I`m back again with two underlined question and hope to hear your excellent comments.

In the second underlined sentence what does this actually mean? (... were paneled in the northern cherrywood)

Does Hillary mean the wall was made of cherrywood from north of United states ? or it was made in the northern cherrywood city located in Dublin ?

I myself think, the first letter of cherrywood, would be capitalized if she meant the city.

Hello Hossein,

thank you for yet another interesting question as well as for your kind words.

1. our warren of offices and conference rooms = our labyrinth/network of interconnected offices and conference rooms.

2. Your assumption is correct: the walls of the office were covered (paneled) with cherrywood from the northern US (I presume)- nothing to do with the Northern Cherrywood city in Dublin (I didn't even know such a city exists :) but you are correct, the name of the city would have been capitalized - not the case here).

As always, I hope this answer is helpful.

Looking forward to more of your interesting questions.

Best regards,


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