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Dear Amy,

I am confused about the order of adjective especially the order of "size, colour, shape, age".

English for Starters 8 gives this example "large blue square room" (i.e. size, colour, shape).

English lessons on YouTube say "size, shape,age, colour", or "size, age, shape, colour". So, the above phrase will be "large square blue room" or "large square blue room".

I do know know which order is correct.

Your guideline would be helpful.

Best regards,
Antoine Ghannoum

Hello Antoine,

order of adjectives... some say that adjectives usually come in this order: general opinion, specific opinion, size, shape, age, color, nationality/origin ,material, purpose

Other documents have a slightly different order: size, age, shape, color, nationality/origin, material, purpose


The link above describes the "royal order of adjectives" - size, shape, age, color, origin/nationality, material

either way your example should read:

large, square, blue room

I hope this helps.



PS - for further reference, please give me more details about the sources of your information. There are many English clips on youtube and ... not all of them are made by experts ;) Same for English for Starters 8 ... that's a text I am not familiar with  

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