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I am an English teacher in Iran.

These days, I am attending an IELTS T.T.C (teacher training course.)

Our teacher has started teaching essay writing. He has started the course with "argument essay." As you know, for writing an "argument essay," first we should write an INTROUDCTION. Our teacher has said that the elements of an introduction for "argument essay" are:

1) background statement
2) detailed background statemenet
3) Thesis statement
4) outline

Well, would you please explain about 1)? What is a "background statement"? And how should we write it?

Thank you
I look forward to hearing from you

There are several different thoughts about what should be in an introductory paragraph and what should be in the body of the essay and it is usually up to the instructor to inform the student what he or she is requiring.  However, one thing is certain-a proper introduction could contain any of the following:

1) Hook
2) Background
3) Thesis statement
4) Foreshadowing

Numbers one and four are usually optional, especially number one, however, three is always required.

A proper argumentative essay should have the following components:

1) Introduction
2) Background
3) Body
4) Refutation/rebuttal
5) Conclusion

The background of the essay presents a broad picture of the subject and its topic so the reader has an idea what has led the author to his or her thesis.

In a smaller, less detailed way, the background of the introduction (usually no more than 2-3 sentences) does the same thing-the introduction is to provide any reader of any thesis a quick, summarized, version of events of what will be presented in the essay.  It's sort of like the lead paragraph of any news paper article.

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