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Hello Mrs Amy
i want to ask you about this sentence :

(Max just has no clue)

why we did not say ( Max just has not any clue).

plz can you tell me why > and when we can use the ( NOT) and (NO) in a negative.

Hello Mariam,

You can say:

Max just has no clue.


Max just doesn't have a clue.

"not clue" is not correct in English

As far as no vs not:

NO is used before nouns or noun phrases (clue in your example above is a noun)

For ex: He paid no attention to what I was saying.
Mom had no idea I was late for class yesterday.

NOT is used with any other parts of speech or types of phrases

For ex: This movie is not suitable for kids under 12.
It's not easy to break a bad habit.

I hope this helps.



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