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Street by street, the old touchstones of identity loomed large - which church a family went to, which school the children attended, which soccer jersey they wore, which street they walked down, at which hour of the day, with which friends. Everybody noticed everything. And that was on a normal day.

There were certain things that mattered, that people thought to be very important in that particular place, such as: the church the family went to, the school the children attended, the clothes they wore, the street they walked down, at which hour of the day, the friends. People would notice all these things that to a stranger may have seemed like insignificant/unimportant details.

In other words, certain churches and schools were better than others, the clothes that kids wore were also important, the streets they walked down, the time of the day they were on those streets, the friends they had were all important "details" showing perhaps a certain social status, a certain superiority of some people.

I hope this helps you make better sense of the book you're reading.


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