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I've been studying for IELTS Academic, and I got a few False and Not Given question wrong.
Sometimes, I agree that the I got some wrong. However, I would like for you to help me understand why I got the following wrong (I still believe I got them right, even though I got them wrong according to the answer key):
1. "The number of steps above the water level in a stepwell altered during the course of a year".

"As their name suggests, stepwells comprise a series of stone steps descending from ground level to the water source (normally an underground aquifer) as it recedes following the rains. When the water level was high, the user needed only to descend a few steps to reach it; when it was low, several levels would have to be negotiated."

According to the answer key, that statement is True. However, the reading passage does not make reference to "during the course of a year"; there are no synonyms to substitute "during the course of a year". I marked it Not Given and got it wrong.
So, the first part of that statement is true. The part that says "during the course of a year" has no connection with the passage.

Do you agree that the answer cannot be True because nothing in the passage supports "during the course of a year"?


IELTS reading passage
IELTS reading passage  

there is more to that reading passage than the quote you shared above. The whole text talks about the dry season at some point and then it mentions the rains (or the raining season) - see attached. That to me sounds like "during the course of a year".  

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