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id like to watch English movies with subtitle but there are some idioms or slang in some of them that I can not understand the meaning .
I think a native English teacher should help me here.
for example : what is the meaning of (walk away) in an interview in cnn tv.
the full sentence is: now its Monday july 13.is time for the us. to walk away?

Hello Merry,

According to the Cambridge dictionary, to walk away means to ​stop being ​involved in a ​situation because it is ​difficult to ​deal with or does not give you any ​advantages, or to cause something to end (depending on context - I assume from your question above that here, "to walk away" means to cause the interview to end... more context would have been more helpful).

As you mentioned above a native English teacher should be able to help (if you choose that alternative), but a good dictionary or a computer with internet access could also be useful tools.

I hope this helps.



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