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Respected Ma'am,

I was tought that there is slight difference between 'Although' and 'Even though'. Would you please, explain it to me. I am having difficulty using them. And please, Do explain where 'Although' can't be replaced with 'Even though'

please form a couple of sentence (Even though) for me to practise ( I appreciate if you form more than five?

Hello Manoj,

Although and even though basically mean the same thing. Some say that “even though” is used for emphasis, to show something unexpected, or to make a comparison stronger. I use them interchangeably.

1. Although/Even though it was really cold outside, we still went for  walk in the park.
2. Although/Even though my boss was tired, he kept working with us until we finished the project.
3. I gave my brother a lift home, although/even though he lives across town.
4. We decided to go for a walk in the park although/even though it was raining hard.
5. Although/Even though my friend said she was on a diet, she had a big slice of cheese cake for desert.
6. He is in better physical shape than all of us, although/even though he is the oldest in the group.
7. My neighbors aren't happy, although/even though they have a lot of money.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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