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What does "figure in it" mean in the following paragraph, and can I substitute it for a different verb?

Whole paragraph:
In laying out its scheme of the seven dispensations the Scofield Bible makes
the first to be the dispensation of "Innocence," and has not much to say about
that. The second we are told, is that of "Conscience," which began, our
authority asserts, at the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. But where is
there a scrap of evidence to support the idea that this period was distinguished
in any special way as regards God's dealings with men, from later times? or
that "conscience" figured in it any more conspicuously than in other periods? To
fulfil the definitions given by the dispensationalists themselves, it is necessary
that "conscience" should characterize this period exclusively; for there must be
"no commingling." But the fact is that nothing is said in the Scriptures, either
directly or by implication concerning the human conscience during that period
of history, or concerning man's being left in those remote times to the voice of
his conscience; whereas, on the other hand, much is said in the New
Testament about the part conscience is to have in shaping our conduct in this
gospel era, and as to the importance of having a "good conscience," a "pure
conscience," a "conscience void of offense"; and about what we are to do "for
conscience' sake."

specific sentence:
or that "conscience" figured in it any more conspicuously than in other periods?
I believe "it" refers to "periods".


Hi Henrique,

Here are y thoughts:

"it" refers to period

"figured" refers to conscience

and I think "figured in it" can be replaced with "played a role"

I'd rephrase : <<or that "conscience" figured in it any more conspicuously than in other periods>> to read
<< or that conscience played a more important role in it than in other periods>>

Hope this helps  

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