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QUESTION: I have written a story but  am doubtful about the use of narrative tenses at places specially past simple and past perfect.I need guidance.How can I get it proofread for free with valid guidance?Please guide .

ANSWER: Anabell,

I can't make any promises, as my time is limited, but if it's a short story and you're in no rush, you can send it to me here and I can try to take a look.

I am not familiar with any places or websites that might proofread English texts for you for free, so this would probably be your best option.


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QUESTION: Thank you ma'am. That is really kind of  you.My story is of 2500 words but I am in no hurry.Please feel free to take your time.It would be great to get an input from you.How can I send you my story and how and when  should I expect to get a feedback?

Thank you


you can send your story here, just make sure you mark your question private.
You may need to split it into several parts as there is a limit to the number of characters you can submit per question.
It might take me a week or so get back to you.


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