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Antonio V Mallo Perez wrote at 2011-02-22 00:38:46
All your explanations are in error as you well know.Saying that the letter B in Spanish is pronounced differently in English is not only a mayor error of spelling but a burrada(Spanish for stu

pid or foolish action).What you are saying is that boxeo is spelled

voxing in english.If want to get offended when you are pro-

ven an ignorant.Sir as you say you are Canadian not English;do you pronounce liberty or liberly or libery?what about duty or du-

ry.The only explanation is that some arrogant & ignorant reporter

reading a map confused Spain with Portugal;as most Cuban maps were drawn by Portuguese cartographers as was the case with Porto

Rico until Puerto Ricans took this misspelling to Court & won.I don't think Cubans should take the American ignorant to court for something that is not important to educated Cubans know & teach our child born in US.Jose Marti said "Americans think the

Cubans were bunch of Indians in frock coats".  

G wrote at 2014-12-24 04:16:51
Do not fret. Just in China, Korea (entire peninsula), Japan and Russian-speaking countries (not to mention Spanish), the spelling of "Habana" is official. These countries alone amount to well over 2000000000 people.

"sometimes resulting in the common spelling or transcription nueba for nueva 'new'"

"Transcription"? It's rather a flat out spelling error.

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