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k.a.n. wrote at 2010-08-05 12:46:34
I have recently found these too at my house. I came back from a weekend away and woke up the next morning to 20+ bites. I've been researching on the internet to find the big originally thinking it was bed bugs but that picture is exactly what I have found in my house. Do these things bite, and how do you get rid of them?

LH wrote at 2010-08-20 19:07:24
I have also found these this week and have searched and searched the internet without any answers. I found them where my cat had been laying (a stack of white towels) and I thought they might be fleas at first but they didn't jump and the are round and have a hard shell like a beetle. I immediately put the stack in the wash and they weren't on the towels when I put them in the dryer. I picked one up first and stuck it in a plastic bag to show my husband. He didn't seem to interested but then the next morning I was in the shower and noticed one on my shoulder. I had him pull it off of me as I was freaked out and I had two bite probably before it moved and then the one where it was on me. My husband seems to think it is a tick but I have looked at all the different species of ticks, fleas, beetles, you name it and can't find anything like it! Your picture however is exactly the same thing!! Have you found anything else about this?? Thanks for email

buggy wrote at 2010-08-22 13:21:07
I too found two round shiny black insects in my bedroom this morning. Not segmented and flat like pictures of bedbugs I've seen. Are these a different variety? Aaaagh! Who can help us?

pinky wrote at 2010-09-21 22:41:20
I have found these in my home as well.  Any luck in identifying?  Don't think they are bed bugs as looking through a magnifying glass they are round and shiny.  

lamerlemarks wrote at 2010-10-24 17:25:21
I am having the exact problem and I have bites on me. We found them in our bed (About 6-10 of them) and we serched every inch of our bed. THey are biting me but not my husband. I went to the doctor and she said "I guess that they must be bed bugs". We have done reserch since then and have figured out that they are way to small to be bedbugs. If you have figured out what they are please let me know. Im serching for answers. Thanks and God Bless:)

JenL wrote at 2011-03-21 05:14:21
Hey I saw a bug at my work today that seems to fit this description exactly.  Did anyone ever figure out what they are?

Bitten wrote at 2011-08-31 05:31:41
I believe them to be Black Biting Mites. I have been trying to fight them for almost 1yr, I got rid of all my furniture and mattress, I went to the emergency room first with bites all all over me they could'nt figure out what it was and to call an exterminator and to use Rid I used Rid 8 times my Condo was Bombed and Sprayed and to no avail. Where I lived they called out four different Company's to tell me what they were honestly they took samples each time and came up with nothing. I moved and bought new furniture, laundered everything and we still have them. They start out white and red then turn black they feel like a grain of sand and sting like a bee.  Im going to again contact the Health Department and the University to see if I can get any help im at my wits end with them. It even stings when the bite the bottoms of your feet. Please if anyone has any suggestions for me on how to get rid of the I would love to hear..  

David wrote at 2011-10-05 06:34:27
Dear Megan, did you ever find out what these bugs are?  I live in South Florida and we have the same ones in our home.

kandykayne wrote at 2011-10-06 05:05:49
I am not exactly sure what they are, but they are like ticks! I am a dog groomer and I found a dog infested with them they get engorged like ticks but they are teeny tiny. They do not look like the pictures of tick nymph i have seen though so I am stumped...

Rittika wrote at 2012-01-10 03:42:56
if you have a dog this could be one of its ticks as they look very similar to my dogs ticks :)  

Seeker wrote at 2012-05-02 20:26:42
I find these outside on the concrete all the time, but still aren't aware of what they may be

sherry wrote at 2012-06-18 19:08:24
definatly looks like bed bugs, i have been researching them for hours to make sure my little black bugs are not them.  Your picture looks just like them. SO sorry, as I have read it is a big big big problem.

Shelley wrote at 2012-09-19 15:16:57

I don't know if you still need an answer but those are probably chiggers.  We have them in our yard and they infested our poor dogs.  They start out as a tiny red dots (that is when they bite). Once they are done feeding, they drop off.  I think that is what you are seeing.  I know because the bed where my dogs sleep was speckled with them and they looked just like your picture.  

Erica wrote at 2012-11-25 17:38:14

 Did you find out what they are? I have the same bug I just found in my house.  When you squish them blood comes out?  Just showed up today.  

Imaninllbw wrote at 2012-11-29 23:31:43
Those look like bed bugs. when squashed they leave red strikes and black dots behind from all the blood(iodine)they consume while biting humans. you can kill them by spraying pure alcohol on them. Hopefully this helps you.

Lu Lu wrote at 2013-07-27 05:59:49
I have just found such a bug.   Tiny Black Shiny round to slightly oval.   I tried to pick it up with a wet paper towel and when I opened the paper it jumped.   Tried again and another jump (like a spring) not a flea.  This bug moves slowly like a small beetle yet can 'spring' away.   Now I can't find it!  lol

PC wrote at 2014-09-06 19:06:37
We recently rented a house in Long Island for our first vacation in 2+ years. On the first day I found a tiny black 'seed' in the bed sheets when I opened the bed. The owners of the house have dogs (we do too, and brought them, one of the reasons we rented that house), so I figured the  dog jumped on the bed when the owner was changing the bed before we arrived.

About 2 days later I was looking at a spot on my dog's leg where she was itching and found one of the same tiny black seeds but couldn't quite get it out - turns out it was attached. We went to look at the bed and it was covered with 50+ little black 'seeds'. We took a bag with 8 or so to a local vet and it turns out they were SEED TICKS.

Once we identified them and something to go with, we compared close up pics from our camera and could see the little divets or indentatinos in the back which match very well to the American Dog Tick when they are engorged/have fed. We crushed a few, they crushed easily and left a red smear - yep - blood - ours or the dogs, probably the dogs.

The house and everything in it were infested. Once we started looking we found these buggers crawling all over the wood floors, in the bathroom - everywhere we could see clearly. We packed everything up in air-tight plastic bags, sprayed ourselves and the dogs down thoroughly and drove home, where we quarantined the dogs in the bathroom after bathing them, bathed ourselves and have found several more on the floor where the dogs were, even after a bath. Today, they got a flea + tick shampoo bath and we're going to leave our stuff packed in the car in the hot sun for a few days to dry everything out.

Can't say for sure if you have the same thing, but your pic was one of several that matched what ours look like. There are bunches of people on the web trying to identify little bugs like this. Seed tick is a definite possibility if you live in an area where ticks can be found.

H.W. wrote at 2015-03-06 00:03:01
I saw one this morning, but I do not think it is a bed bug.  

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