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san wrote at 2009-07-11 15:56:19
I have the same problem. They are in my kitchen on the sink area. I thought at first they were salt and then I noticed that they were moving slowly. The area around is a little damp as I had had a leak awhile back and the wood had gotten wet. I spray them with water and bleach and it seems to kill them but then more are back the in a few hours.

cindy wrote at 2010-10-18 14:50:52
Hey there. Diatomaceous earth is the ultimate remedy for these. We had them on our kitchen shelves, sprinkled the powder on each shelf, waited a week, vacuumed it up, and they were gone. Make sure to get foo grade DE.

Briana wrote at 2013-01-08 01:04:24
This is my EXACT problem, I was going through stuff in my closet and when I picked up a metal figure I noticed it was covered in what I thought was fly puke, then I noticed it moved. I had to watch for a good 20 seconds and sure enough, those tiny specs were alive. Seriously the size of a grain of salt and SUPER slow, pure white with absolutely no distinguishing traits, no long antenna, no visible legs no nothing.

I searched and searched and came up with similar results, people saying they were termites, flour mites or paper mites but they just don't look the same. They're smaller and have no bug give-aways like butt spikes or anything! Super frustrating and pretty gross.

(As far as I know) There's no water in there, possibly mold but no food and it's far from my kitchen. I checked my cupboards and they're bug free. I live in Olympia, Washington State and it's January 7th (not sure if this info will help any future searchers)

I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, just wanting to help!

Good luck to all of us D:

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