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monica wrote at 2009-09-16 00:14:08
Oh wow! I actually looked up insects fly without wings just because I remembered seeing a bunch of those a few years ago in my back yard. I like in LI by the water if that helps. They looked like really big spiders with really long legs but they were different colors. Like some were beige and some were like yellow gold. They had no wings every time I saw them I was freaked out. They did move ridiculously fast like abnormally but sure looked like spiders and there was nothing for the string part. I also don't drink or do drugs and no one at my school knew what I was talking about. But I am outside a lot during the summer and was also curious as to what I saw...

Photonimus wrote at 2011-02-04 12:45:41
I just saw such a thing, just after a heavy rainfall. Never before have I seen such a bizarre critter.  It gave me a little shock when I tried to "dust it away", and it sort of vanished!  Moments later, I brushed something of my neck.  It was kind of like an oversized mosquito, with no head I could see. What on earth was that thing!

Mike wrote at 2012-07-03 19:43:43
I too saw a wingless creature type insect. It had five tenetacles from the front of a stick body that stuck out in a fan arrangement. I could not see or hear wings beating. It could hover and move up, down, and back and forth like at was anti-gravitational. It appeared to be checking us out, got a creepy feeling. It also move up to the camera as I was photographing it. I have lived by wooded areas most of my 56 years, but i have never seen anything like this!

Sture wrote at 2012-12-05 13:05:52

Could you send a picture of this insect?

Thanks Sture

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