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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Desperate for Help With Tiny, White “Things” in Bedroom and on Body


jayson wrote at 2012-07-28 14:51:24
Hi I was just wondering if either of you figured this out? I'm having the exact same problem and it's driving me insane

Rita wrote at 2014-04-19 13:31:56
i can relate to your problem and i as well would like 2 know if you have found an answer.

Tormented wrote at 2016-01-19 10:43:34
Hi everyone, I am in Melbourne, Australia and had been infested with this white stuff oozing out of my clothings. I usually see them hanging onto my dark coloured fitting spandex material. It's all over my body, and crawls aggressively at night. Leaves behind bite marks and bruising. It crawls into my ears, nose and eyes. My dermatologist tells me the crawling sensations are due to nerve misfiring and my neurosurgeon is not understanding her rationale. Whenever I feel a bite or itch in my nose, I will scrub wih a cotton wool dipped with olive oil+clove mix. I find little transparent like tiny critters somewhat shaped like the demodex brevis. I feel like foreign matter in my eyes and will find similar stuff in the reye rinse. I find the white specks also infest the cloth material on my car seats. They usually don't bother me when I'm out in full sun but starts crawling when I'm cool and bedtime.  

Sane & Frustrated! wrote at 2016-04-09 21:59:00
Same problem since Sept 2016.  It's been a nightmare.

I also have slow to heal red round leisons mostly on arms, torso.  More on one side of body than other.

I have tried everything.  Docs are unhelpful and just tell me not to scratch.  It is not

any bug that I can ID. No one else in the house affected.

Everything is washed in hot water/ammonia and hot dryer before I wear it.

The very small white specks ( feels like a grain of salt, but can be a bit obling.

appear on skin, itch and I can pull off.  They do not move.

They cling to my spandex and fleece jackets.  I find a few on my bed.

Itching in early to late evening has lessened.  I have Atarax and a cortisone cream for itching.

Apple Cider Vinegar baths, ***silver gel and a triple antibiotic

Cream ( not ointment) spot treat ONLY , Nizoral shampoo on skin has helped. I even use to dot on Revokution ( flea mite treatment I use on my animals) which reduces size of lesions.

The lesions look like they are healing then get soft in the center and

turn into tiny craters in the center.   So incredibly frustrated.  Done tons and tons of online research.

2 dermatologists and my internists who also is an infectious disease doc have no clue what it is.

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