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Marc wrote at 2011-03-06 04:19:39
Hi Susan. My upstairs neighbors and I are going through the same exact problem. I am desperate to find a solution. If you have any new information, please post it here and I will do the same if I find out anything else. Not everyone in the household gets bitten and I have also had a negative result for bed bug infestation. The bites get carzy swollen too. Good luck finding a solution and I actually hope you have found out something and that you can share it here. Best, Marc

Binz wrote at 2012-07-21 06:34:06
Hi, I have the same problem too.. Have checked the beds and sheets but can't find anything. I get 1-3 bites every few days. My husband and my 1 year old sleep on the same bed but I'm the only one getting the bites. It's itchy and swells up real bad. I went to the doc when I was it the first time and hews not able to judge what could be reason. I'm really worried.. If you found a solution, please do share it!



Upset pa resident wrote at 2015-01-16 09:29:43
I too have been bitten many times and have been missing allot of work for this cause I end up in the hospital! My husband believes I am going nuts. But after I have been in there so many times now and we can't find the bug/bugs I am wondering if this is the handy work of the kissing bug! I have been up since two am tonight trying to find what bugs bite at night and bed bugs and the nasty kissing bugs are all I got! I was just bitten again tonight and this time my ear which is over double it's normal size and is a constant burning feeling! With all the research I have been doing I can't get nowhere in trying to kill this bug or at least figure a way to keep from ending up in the hospital by the time I go back to sleep and wake up my ear will be at least ten times the normal size! And I start getting the lines of poison leading to my heart! I am ready to burn everything in our bedroom and set up glue traps everywhere and try to encounter this big that believes I am food! Living in an  apartment  makes it hard to check all the walls and cracks cause you can't rip them down a I would if it was my own place! I am also looking for help to find out what is biting me and could use help to figure out how to get rid of it!

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Will accept most questions in general entomology, including those related to medical entomology, taxonomy, ecology, arthropod surveillance, and pest management. If you are requesting a 'mystery bug' identification, PLEASE either attach an image to your question, or post an image on a web page (such as Flickr) so that I can look at it, as verbal descriptions frequently are insufficient for a definitive identification.


21 years in the U.S. Army as a medical entomologist; duties varied from surveillance of pest populations (including mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, and stored products pests) to conducting research on mosquito-virus ecological relationships and mosquito faunal studies. Ten years as a civilian analyst for the Department of Defense, primarily on distribution of vector-borne diseases worldwide. Limited experience on surveillance of agricultural insects in North Dakota and Indiana.

Entomological Society of America, West Virginia Entomological Society, Society for Vector Ecology, National Speleological Society, West Virginia Association for Cave Studies.

American Journal of Public Health, Contributions of the American Entomological Institute, Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology, Journal of Economic Entomology, Mosquito News, and Mosquito Systematics.

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