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kmcpickl wrote at 2011-07-28 00:12:45
I have 2 of these nests. We live in eastern Washington State. I have seen the bee( black and yellow)It's as big as the tube going up. It's round like a bumble bee. I think it might be an Orchard Bee or something similar to that. I understand they are not common.

Mike G. wrote at 2012-05-31 01:36:56
I have one of these nests growing from the bottom of a north garage roof gutter on my garage.  We live in Orchard Park, NY about 6 miles east of Lake Erie.  It started about a month ago and is now a good six inches long.  We have not seen the insects coming or leaving yet.

Richard wrote at 2014-05-26 23:26:25
I have one exactly like this on the front eave of my house. I live in southwestern Indiana. I have no clue what kind of wasp/bee it is though.

Dale wrote at 2014-05-31 01:58:52
We live in missouri and have the same thing... What the heck is it???!!!

lisa wrote at 2015-05-27 22:51:37
I have seen a nest like that.But the tube wasn't as long as in the picture.Eastern Pa.Was a larger wasp black and yellow.

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