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I found my pet infested with tiny black hard shelled bugs and some a larger, because they seem to suck blood, like ticks.  They are attached and sucking blood from him.  I scraped them off with my nail and they come off easily, you can pop it with your nail and they pop and die.  I know ticks and fleas but they don't look like ticks and they don't jump like fleas. I gave him a good bath with natural herbal tick shampoo, they did not come off but the seem dizzy.  I had to actually take them off as well as I can, the very tiny ones are hard to take off, I'm going to wait to see if the get big after sucking blood.  I'm going to the vet tomorrow.  What can you tell me.


Can you post a picture? Ticks and fleas are the only large insects or mites that would bite pets. Perhaps these are a different species of flea that look different then the fleas you have seen before. What kind of pet are you talking about? Post a follow up if you can get a picture or let me know what the vet says and we can discuss control options.

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