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Three weeks ago, we awoke to find a grouping of a dozen or so of these small, flat, oval black bugs underneath a pillow that we had purchased from a retail store the previous day and placed on our bed in the back bedroom. We immediately tossed the pillow and cleaned the bedding, as well as throwing out the bugs in a knee-jerk reaction. We even sprayed bug killer in the outdoor area where my husband tossed them. Yesterday, we found another group of four or five of them on our dog's bed in the front of the house, as well one on a cushion near another of our dogs. We have NOT found them clinging to us or our pets. We have noted that they are visible in the daytime; they do not jump or fly; they are wingless; the legs are short; they can walk quickly; they have distinctive etchings on their torso; there is nothing spider-like about their legs nor their movement. It is not what we call a "pill bug." either.  However,something is biting us and the bites are very itchy. We do not know if it is these bugs or another pest. We have fought ticks before,but never saw a tick that looked like these. Until our purchase, we had never seen this bug in our ten years here. We live in a residential community, but there is a veterinary clinic behind us which helps us in the fight to control ticks. By the way, we are flea-free. Thank you for your help. Cyna

Hi Cyna
This looks like a small dermestid beetle. Most likely they were on the pillow. It looks like you did not dispose of all of them the first time. These beetles do bite so I cannot explain what is biting.  They are harmless but can get into your food supplies

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