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A week ago, we moved a mattress that had been stacked upright against our bedroom wall for three months. We found tiny spots of mold on the wall and bugs crawling all over. Here are some pictures. The picture on the left was taken under a microscope of a dead one. The one on the left was taken alive. These bugs don't fly and are about 1 mm in length. We are located in Albany, NY.  We have been sleeping next to the mattress and have had no bites etc. What do you think these are?

Thanks for your help!

ANSWER: Prashant,

Are you sure about the size (1mm)? These appear to be beetles but 1mm is a little too small for beetles. Post a follow up and let me know if your estimate of length is correct.

Jack DeAngelis

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size of bug
size of bug  
QUESTION: Hello Jack,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. We checked again and these bugs seem like they are around 1 mm. Please see attached picture next to a penny and a mm scale.  Is there any chance that these can be a species of bed-bug? Our property manager insists they are, but we weren't convinced, hence checking with the expert!



If the specimen in the second image is the same as the first set they are not bed bugs. In the first set I can see "elytra" which are wing covers in beetles. Plus, the prothorax and antennae are beetle-like. These may be a small fungi(mold)-feeding species but unfortunately I don't recognize it. Bed bugs have a very different shape, see Sorry I can't be more specific.

Jack DeAngelis  

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