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Over the past few days I've been experiencing insect bites that are not itchy, however they are annoying and considering the large number of them, and increasing daily, it is starting to concern me. 2-3 weeks ago my indoor cat started to act very strange. She wouldn't touch the floor and kept as high as possible on the furniture and me nor my father knew why. But about a week ago i started to feel tiny pricks or bites from insects no more than 1mm in size. They have since infested my bed as well as y couch and all the carpets. Anytime i catch one biting if i disturb it it jumps away, but because of the numbers they occur too often and now i would like to identify them and possibly get rid of them. I took a close up photo with my phone and the picture turned out decent at best. I hope the picture is enough.


Thank you for including the images, though I knew immediately what you were talking about...

You have a heavy infestation of fleas (order Siphonaptera).  They are probably "cat fleas," Ctenocephalides felis .  Here's a link that might help you:

Please pay particular attention to the "Environmental Treatments" near the bottom of the page.  I'd avoid chemical treatments if possible.

Please consider e-mailing me your images if you would.  I'd like to do a blog post about fleas, but I don't have any images of them.

Wish I was more of an expert on fleas, but I am not.  You might consult your cat's veterinarian for more help.


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