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Hi Walter,
Wondering if you may be able to help.. I live in Australia and have just found such bugs on the wooden floor of my house and sometimes on my bathroom tiles as well. The bugs are hairy and random in size, some are tiny, others are 3-4mm long. Some curl up when dead. My fumigator thought they may be a hide beetle larvae dropping from the ceiling as they often appear randomly on my floor. Since the whole house fumigation earlier today, I can still find them squirming. Is it possible that they live between floorboards? I'm just skeptic that they are dropping from the ceiling.. Perhaps crawling through a skirting board or cracks?
Thanks for your time,

Hi Samantha;
These exterminators drive me crazy. Their job is to able to identify an insect, not just they might be. The type of insect should determine the chemicals and method of control. But they just spray away at everything. I have never heard of beetle larvae dropping from the ceiling. If you want to ask me what these are I will need some photos.  Ask for your money back because if you still see insect the exterminator did not do the job.

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