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Dear Mr. Hintz,

I live in Western Washington state. Our Apt is above a butcher shop and is built of cinder blocks. It could be up to 50yrs old. The owners were having a pest control company out to spray because of ants. They were coming out at least once a month if not more. I do not know if they are still doing this. We have 3 cats that are indoor only. And have had small parrots in the past. The last one passed away over 2yrs ago. (the bird that is)
I have been finding what look like casing of dead bugs over the last 9yrs.
They are small maybe 1 centimeter in length and maybe 5 millimeters wide. (see attached photos) I'm sorry the quality is not better.
I was cleaning a cloth covered chair that was in a room that hasn't been used much by us, only our cats for the past 5yrs. There had to be at least 100 of them. This room gets plenty of sun light. I have also seen them in our bedroom that we keep dark, and also just a couple in a kitchen drawer.
Not all are white like the pictures. A few have been a light brownish color.
Any idea what these are? I was thinking Silverfish but from the research I've done these are to small. And I've never seen a live one.
Sorry about the length of this, I wanted to give you as much info as I could.
Thank you in advance for your time on this question.

Hi Angie
From what I can see this looks like a pupal case or cocoon of some kind. You can do one of two things here. Put one in a closed container and see if something hatches or break or tear one apart and tell me if you see a worm or larva in there

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