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Well for the past 3 days there has been this funny little jumping spider that hangout on a light on my ceiling, and every morning not at the same time, but pretty close he/she drops down on a web but never makes contact with the floor, sometime he/she just stays there suspended in air for several minuets stretching his/her legs out every now and then like they're doing a funny littler exercise or something. I'm very curious to find out why this spider does this? other wise i'll forever claim that he/she is simply a thrill seeker.

  Hi Pandora
Jumping spiders are amazing creatures. I have one near the often does the same thing and then sits on the top of my computer and watches me. They have great eyesight and can determine the distance between themselves and their prey by calculating the change in angles as they approach.
I can only guess about this behavior but I think the dangling involves Looking over the environment.

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