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I'm soon to be moving into a new home that has been vacant for 4 years. There are a lot of dead beetles, crickets, lady bugs, and very large spiders.
I'm not concerned over the insects themselves, and will try to pin-point their entry sites. What bothers me is what may be killing them. Especially such mature spiders, in a house full of bugs to eat.
Over the past 2 months while working on a few pre-move projects, I have cleaned hundreds of the bugs.
Should I be concerned over something toxic?
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If the house has been vacant and untreated for 4 years I think it is unlikely that there are any toxic residues. Most modern pesticides have fairly short residual activity and are applied at very low rates compared to the organochlorine and carbamate insecticides used prior to the mid-80s. There are some exceptions and you could test for residual activity but this can be expensive. I think if you clean floors and walls thoroughly you could be fairly confident that no residues remain. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/ for information about household pests.

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