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I sometimes get red, extremely itchy bumps on my skin when I spend the night at a family memberís house.  This happened to me during a visit last summer and the previous summer, but not during a winter visit in between those summer visits.  Last summer, I continued to get new bumps on my skin for a few days after I returned home, but I stopped getting them after I washed my bedding and all of the clothes that I brought with me on my trip.

My family member thinks this is all in my head because no one else in the house ever gets these symptoms, and even I have not had symptoms during every visit.  However, I never have had this problem visiting any other place.  

My family member did take precautions for bed bugs in the bed where I sleep, such as encasing the mattress and box spring, washing the bedding, and putting bowls of talcum powder around the bed legs, but this did not prevent me from getting bumps on my last visit.  There is no visible evidence of bed bugs or any other insect around the bed, but the house does have a lot of clutter and dust, including in the room where I sleep.  There is also a dog, but it is treated preventively for fleas and does not scratch itself often as though it has fleas.

I realize that you cannot identify a particular insect for sure with no picture, but I was wondering if there is ANY insect that could be causing what I describe since I am visiting this person again soon.

Hi Ann
The only insects that would bite like this are bedbugs and fleas but you also have to consider the possibility that is non insect related, possibly an allergic reaction. I suggest that if these do not go away you should consult a Dermatologist since this become a medical problem.
Obviously if you have itchy bumps it is not in your head. They are on your skin

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