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QUESTION: While on vacation a few years ago with my parents, we had stopped for lunch and I discovered a lump on my inner thigh that wasn't there that morning when we set out for the next leg of travelling.
Whatever it was, was digging into my thigh.  At that point I really didn't care that there were people nearby, I just wanted to know what it was that was digging into my thigh.  After taking down my slacks there was a large green insect attached to me.  It had a head approximately 1 inch in size, a body of about 4 inches and had a wing span of about 8 inches.  Its color was a lime green.  Since then I have been wondering what it could have been.  I have ruled out that it was a large cicada.  I have also gone on the internet to view insects that were large and green, but didn't find one that even resembled it.  Would you be able to help me solve the mystery of what that insect could have been?  It really has been a mystery to me as I had never seen an insect that size before.

ANSWER: I do not know of any biting insect that is 5 inches long with an 8 inch wingspan. I also cannot see how a flying insect of this size got under your clothes without you feeling it or seeing it. So without a photo I cannot tell you what it was.   Sorry  Verna

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QUESTION: Could you consult with another collegue about my initial question? THE INSECT DID EXIST!

Please be assured verna that I did not meant imply that your account was not true. I will talk to another entomologist but without seeing this bug we still have the problem. Did you have a bite mark at all?

All entomologists want to be able to identify every insect there is but nobody knows everything. I talked to a fellow Professor today and he has no idea. Our main problem is the size of this bug

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