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Window Bug
Window Bug  

Dead Window Bug
Dead Window Bug  
I have started to get these little black bugs on one window sill in the front East side of my home (Central CA).  They appear in hundreds and seem to die pretty quick.  I have seen them fly.  I used home pesticide spray in the window openings but they come back every day.  I do have some birds that built a nest up above this window on the roof eve, but I think they are gone now.  What are these pesky little critters and how do I get rid of them?


These are beetles but the images are too small to identify further. There are a number of small beetles that infest stored food and natural fabrics that are commonly found in houses. See for pictures of a related species. My guess is there's an infestation in stored food or dry pet food somewhere in the house. The beetles are otherwise harmless and locating and disposing of infested food is usually all that is needed. See the page cited above for more info.

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