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Hi,  I just got bit about 1/2 hour ago 11/15/12 11:15 a.m.  on the hand.  Four years ago I had a bite that Teddy Kesting-Handly identified as a probably brown recluse bite by a juvenile or an incomplete bite.  It progressed to a necrotic stage but only got to the size of a quarter and took approximately 6-8 weeks to heal.  This latest bite is on my palm and was gotten while I was getting dressed.  As I felt the bite, I reacted by jerking and dropping the article of clothing, but as I did so I saw an insect curled up .  When I tried to pick the article of clothing up almost immediately the insect was gone.  My initial thought was that it was a wasp or bee, since we occasionally get them in the house at this time of year, but it appeared to be curled up with legs approximately 3/8 inch long that got wider then narrow again at the tip.  The insect was dark but I could not tell if it was brown or black against the tan colored clothing.  I have read some of the information regarding how to handle bites, what to look for, etc.  I do not see any fang type bites but it is difficult to see.  It reminds me of a bee or wasp sting, but I saw no evidence of a bee or wasp on the floor or flying in my room. whatever it was made a very quick exit.  I do not want to wait too long before I do more than ice and elevation but I do not want to make a trip to the ER for a bee sting.  Is there anything that you can recommend.  Teddy was very helpful the last time.  Thank you for your time

Hi Diane
I cannot comment on your previous bite. Is Teddy-Kesting-Handly a physcian? I also do not know what an incomplete bite is. I cannot tell what the present bite is from without seeing the insect. The bite itself is a medical problem and I cannot diagnose or suggest treatment since I am not an MD.
I can tell you however that if a bee stung me I would get some Benedryl at the drugstore

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