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On the counter  
QUESTION: I have these little tiny little black/red bus tiny cupboards where I  store pasta, dry goods. I read in one of your answers to another question that they looked like grain beetles, I think I may have the same thing. I've used bleach, and dish soap to try and stop them. They have decreased in amount that are in the cupboard but for some reason they still come back, what sorta spray could I buy to get rid of them? Also where could I purchase this type of spray? Thank you for your help with this matter :)


ANSWER:  Hi Amber
These do look like grain beetles. Using bleach and soap will not help. You have to get to the source where they are breeding. Have you opened and looked at all your dried foods. Include pet foods if you have any. If not do so. Empty all the cupboards an wipe them out. Then go to a garden store and get some boric acid powder or diatomaceous earth and sprinkle in all the cracks. Let me know how you do.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Walter, so I bought the diatomaceous earth powder, and these tiny little bugs have decreased however they are still here, :( they crawl on the powder, I put in all the cracks in the cupboard, and around the edges up top of the cupboard. I do not know where the neat would be. I put some as well around the floor boards around the stove. I will keep my eyes on the little tiny bugs, and hopefully they diminish. Would raid work?

Thank you again for your help.


Hi Amber
They usually breed in food products. Did you check in your cereal boxes and flour?
Diatomaceous earth does not kill them on contact. Once they get it on them it destroys there exoskeleton. If you want to try a spray be sure to look at the ingredients an buy one with a pyrethrum or pyrethrin base. You can use this around foods

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