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I found a skinny brown 1.5" to 2" worm with legs.  It moved in a snakelike fashion. The diameter was about 1/32 of an inch. The number of legs were much less than a millepede and came out from both sides along the whole body.   Unfortunately my first thought was to get rid of it so I flushed it down the toilet before I realized I should have taken a picture to identify because I don't know what it was.   I found it on the counter next to my sink and don't know where it came from.   Can you identify it or give me an indication of if there would be an infestation ?


Sounds like a centipede. Centipedes move like snakes (slither side to side) and have fewer legs than millipedes but still many more than insects. Small centipedes are harmless but larger ones can bite. They are soil predators and most likely this one came indoors on something that was carried indoors such as a potted plant. There is one species, the house centipede, that lives in homes (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/centipede.html) but the one you found was a different species. There is no danger of this one starting an infestation indoors.

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