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I want to know what these weird looking worms are I know they are hard and like to ball up into a circle. I really don't like them an there all over my house when I see them I clean them up but they just keep coming and they seem to be developing faster in my house. Any helpful information as to hopefully what they are would be greatly appreciated. If needed I live in Florida if that helps you any. Oh the insects seem to me like there a dark red or brownish red. I'm on my phone and can not provide a picture at the moment because I can't upload one with my phone of you would like a picture I can download it to my computer and send one.

Dear Ricki - My apologies for the delay in responding; I was unexpectedly called away from home yesterday, and just returned a few minutes ago. That aside, have a look at an image of millipedes at to see if any of them look your unwanted house guests. If so, what you have are basically nuisance pests that best can be controlled through moisture management; see for additional control recommendations. However, if after reviewing the millipede images you believe that you have something different, please download an image to your computer and attach it to a follow-up question.

Hope this helps,

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