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I saw that you recieved an inquiry from Sarah of Clarksville, TN about black bugs biting her. I was wondering if that bug was ever identified. I also live in Clarksville and am beeing eaten alive in my sleep. I have never seen the actual bug, but I think I squished one AS I was waking up, i rolled it between my fingers and when I looked my fingers were black and their was blood under my finger nail. I am more than miserable being eaten up and am dying to know what it is. Thanks.


I don't recall the question from Sarah (I answer about 1000 questions a year here at AllExperts and more at my own site) but there are only a few insects and mites that actually bite people (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html for a list). There are also many things that mimic bug bites including allergies and environmental irritants. Without an actual specimen to identify it is nearly impossible to make an accurate diagnosis. My guess is that if you have been unable capture a specimen then the cause is something other than insects or mites.

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