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The pupae
The pupae  
Hi Jack,
I live in Melbourne ,Australia .
Unfortunately this kind of eggs/pupae appeared  under sofa /  corner on the carpet in our living room 4 days ago. There were 4 groups, each group has around 20-30 eggs. There is yellow milky inside the egg, with shiny smooth cover, and about 1 cm long (please see the picture).
The first time we saw them just under our Christmas tree with wrapped presents. My kids were really frightened. We have a very clean house. We did not know how they came in . At first we thought they were insects eggs.
Could you please tell us how this happened and how to get rid of them. We really don't want it happen again.
Thanks from Vivienne


These do look like fly pupae. Did you notice them only after you brought the Christmas tree into the house? I'm sure they are harmless and likely came from larvae that were on the tree. They won't infest the home and can be swept up. Post a follow up if you can fill in the details of the time line.

Jack DeAngelis  

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