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This Fly acts/flies differently from any other fly I've seen.  It hovers unlike normal flies, more like a humming bird, retaining it's position almost like a helicopter.  It's about the size of a large housefly but completely iridescent in color and smooth.  I've only seen this fly in my parents' back yard in south Florida.  When I'm in the backyard this fly will hover around a person, sometimes within a 3 or even 2 feet and just hover.  They are almost always solo or maybe with one other fly.  They are not a "pest" to people when they are around you.  They never land on a person.  If you were to give it a human characteristic you would describe them as curious.  They fly within a few feet of a person and hover almost completely stationary and seem to be "checking us out".  Any idea what this is?  I googled "hovering fly" and got entries describing "hover flies" that look more like bees.  This is most definitely not one of those.

Hi Ron;
It sounds like a Syrphid fly and two species found in Florida come to mind. One is  Euglossa delimmia ,the metallic green fly and the other is the Green hoverfly,Ornidia obesa. Without seeing one of these that is all I can tell you. There are many species of Syrphid files and most prey on other flies.

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