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My Kids and I descovered a house centipede dead in our pool yesterday. We had never seen anything like it before.I did a little research and there are no reported sighting of this insect in Sub-saharan Africa. We live in a Mozambiquean city called Tete, the climate is hot(42c)and dry. In my search for some info all the sites say the samething:cool&damp places and are found in Europe and North America.

1.Is this Common for insects to be so far out of there natural habitat?

2.How did get here to Mozambique?


First, centipedes are not insects.  They are in a different class of arthropods entirely:

House centipedes are likely to turn up in almost any urban area around the globe because they easily stow away in cargo and commerce.  I'm sure they *prefer* a Mediterranean climate, but since they are often indoors, and that is the kind of climate we like, too, it isn't much of a stretch.

So, the specimen you found likely came in on some kind of product shipped from elsewhere; or perhaps the species is already established in your city and has simply escaped your notice until now.


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