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Single bug
Single bug  

Swarm on deck railing
Swarm on deck railing  
I have tons of tiny bugs all around the foundation of my home. On down spouts, doors, & windows & my children's outdoor plastic toys etc.  They are also all over the railings on my deck & stairs. To me they look reddish & they jump when I try to squish them & the size of a flea. I live in MA. surrounded by pine trees if that means anything.I have never seen this before.


These appear to be psocids, also called barklice. Psocids feed on fungi and algae so are common in damp areas that support fungal (mold) growth such as under trees and on outdoor furniture. They are basically harmless but cleaning away fungi and algae will discourage them. Insecticidal soap (see would be another option.

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