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bites on upper body for appx. a month. dermatologist dx:most likely bedbug bites. bed not slept on for two wks. got rid od headboard and nightstands. checked for bugs,did not visibly see any. used a special light. purchased a box spring and mattress encasement kit. all linen washed with hot water and dried in high heat.slept on bed for four dys., no problem. fifth day have a bite on my neck.look same as the previous ones. what else can i do or what am i not doing .  i am at my wits end. this is so traumatic for me.  please help if you can.t


Bed bug infestations are fairly easy to detect (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bed_bug.html) so my guess is that if you've not found good evidence by now it is probably something else. There are many things that mimic bug bites such as allergies so consider these as well. Here's a list of insects and mites that bite http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html and some of the things that can mimic bug bites. My best advice is to check with your MD about some of the other causes.

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