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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/the dust on my vaccum cleaner is alive!!


QUESTION: I went to get my vacuum cleaner out (which I use every other day)and it was unusually covered in what I thought at first to be dust and I thought I was going crazy when I saw it move, when I took a closer look it seems to be millions of tiny little white bugs like specks of wriggling dust, iv not seen them anywhere else other than my vacuum and I have cleaned it and disinfected it several times now but within a few hours its infested again. I cant seem to get rid of them!! please help. I haven't got a picture as the camera quality on my phone isn't very good and you cant see them properly... because it just looks like dust.

ANSWER: Without seeing these I can only make a guess. They sound like mites. Keep cleaning it out and eventually s you should get rid on them

Why all these 1's. I gave you my best answer based upon what you asked

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QUESTION: because I have cleaned it out over and over and they keep coming back. I even bleached the filter, and your answer was to keep cleaning it?? well its not working there for your answer is invalid. I did mention that I have tried cleaning it. thought you might of at least given me advice on what sort of bug killer I could try... iv tried raid and its not sorting it. give me a serious answer and I will give you a serious rating.

The reason I told you to keep cleaning it is because I suspected that you had picked up eggs that would continue to hatch. Bleach will do nothing except kill live bugs it touches.Neither will Raid. You will need a powder with residual effects. There are two that you can use in the vacuum. Try Boric acid powder or diatomaceous earth both available at garden stores.
I cannot guarantee that this will work. I am not there to examine the situation and I cannot be sure these are spider mites.
Allexperts is a free service. I do not charge for giving advice. An exterminstor will charge you plenty to give you the same advice and it may not solve the problem

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