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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/no see em infestation in my house.


Florida is famous for these small insects and home swimming pools are enclosed by a tiny-meshed screen to keep them out.  However, I live in north Georgia about 50 miles north of Atlanta and did not know that they had migrated this far north.  For three years now, especially in my bathroom, I have been bitten almost every time I sit down to do my business, although there are times when they do not appear.  I seldom feel the bite but I do feel them crawling about in my eye brows, around my eyes and in my hair. The site of the bites itch like crazy and I would waken in the night to find myself scratching vigorously, bringing blood. My family is not bothered by them, could not see them and I'm sure thought I was a bit senile.
I bombed my bathroom and bedroom to no avail. When I took away the bathroom rugs, the bugs diminished tremendously but came back.  Orkin had no ideas how to get rid of them. I removed and installed new carpet throughout the BR and Dressing room as well but they have returned.
Can you help me for now they have invaded my downstairs office.
By the way, I have never been able to capture one and the only way I see them is when they fly away and I see a blurry movement.



Without seeing actual specimens, I don't think I can help you.  There are several kinds of flies that fit your description, but because "no-see-ums," biting midges in the family Ceratopogonidae, are aquatic in the larval stage, you will *not* find them in any quantity away from water, let alone indoors.  Something else is at the heart of this.

Dark-winged fungus gnats (family Sciaridae), or moth flies (Psychodidae) are more likely, but they definitely DO NOT BITE:

Lastly, any number of medical conditions can manifest themselves as "bites," or the *sensation* of bites, or something crawling on your skin, etc.  With all due respect, I believe that is what is going on here, at least in part.  I would describe my symptoms to my physician, leaving out the "bugs" part, and see what he or she suggests as a potential cause.

Believe me, you have my empathy, sympathy, and respect.  There is simply little I can co for you from my entomological background given so little evidence to work with.

Sincerest best wishes for a quick, permanent resolution to this.


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