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This question may seem bizarre and I may be barking up the wrong tree.  I am a fiction writer tring to find an insect or spider indigenous to Massachusetts (or reasonably thereabouts)that might be seen exhibiting interesting (or disgusting) behavior in mid-fall in the early 1600s (thus the necessity for an indigenous species).  Any help would earn my heartfelt gratitude and a mention on my acknowledgements page.  All the prizes I think I find it turns out are imported/invasive/etc.

Hi greg
First of all the insects native to New England will be on different then those in 1600. Speciation in the insect world does not occur rapidly.
There are many insects that I can think of that may fit your category.  One is the Velvet ant or "cow killer"- Though a warm climate bug it has been reported in NE. It is really a wasp and the sting is so painful that it could kill a cow.
The other is the Wheel bug or assassin bug a member of the Reduvidae. It also has a painful bite.
And of course you can't go wrong with ants There are ants that raid other colonies kidnap larvae and make slaves out of them.
I cannot think of insects with disgusting behavior. As a biologist the word has no meaning to me
As far  as spiders go NE spiders are not remarkable. The Northern Black Widow has been reported there but I have my doubts
 Hope this helps

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