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What is this?
What is this?  
Finding black spots in bed and after bath. Sometimes looks like speck of pepper and sometimes bigger like the picture.  Also finding something that looks like a piece of dried grass or straw. It has darker spots on it.  I can feel bugs all over body and in hair.  My sister is also finding the same thing at her house and having the same symptoms.  I know it is not lice.  I am cleaning and doing laundry constantly!!  Do you have any idea what this is and more importantly---How to get rid of it?!
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Thank you for including the images with your question, but unfortunately they don't help much.

The grass or straw looks to be exactly that.  The specks and blotches?  Who knows.  They could have nothing to do with your symptoms, or they could have everything to do with it.  I'm allergic to grass pollens, for example.  I'd probably be itching and sneezing if I had bits of straw and grass in my home, too.

There is always the possibility of some kind of mite, but without examining specimens, I could not possibly help with that.

University of Arkansas in Fayetteville(?) has an entomology department, and I would recommend sending samples there for them to look at.

Lastly, you could be experiencing sensations that your body is creating itself.  That condition goes by the unfortunate name of "delusory parasitosis."  I personally don't consider it a mental disorder (our brains are just as *physical* as the rest of our bodies, after all), and I don't appreciate the way most entomologists and physicians dismiss these cases.  Here is more about DP:

I hope this helps a little bit, I've covered all the potential scenarios I can think of.  Best wishes for a swift resolution.


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