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Earlier this week, I found these attached to some loose tape that had fallen under my bed

I kept the tape in a ziploc bag and over the past few days, I think that one extra one has appear on a spot that was empty before
Could you please tell me what type of larva this is, if you have any guess as to how many there would be, how I could kill them all, or any other information?

Thank you for your help


The images are too small to be certain but photo 2 might be the larva of a meal moth. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/mealmoth.html and follow the links to a picture of the larva. These insects are common in homes and a few are no reason for concern See the page cited for more info.

Jack DeAngelis

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Thanks for your fast reply. I'm just thinking that I'm sure there's no food scraps in my room, and the sample I have looks very similar to the larva of a clothing moth as well (and over the years I have seen one or two clothing moths in my room before - never the larva though) Could it also be clothing moth?

Thanks again

Yes, but they are usually associated with some kind of sac or case made of fibers (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/clothes_moth.html for pictures). Also, clothes moth larvae are usually concealed inside a fold of fabric, or similar, not wandering freely as meal moth larvae do.

Jack DeAngelis

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