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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Have you ever seen a spider 'bait' it's web?


Hi Walter!

We have a brown spider (don't know and don't care what kind; we've got so many really big ones in Florida!) in our kitchen that we've allowed to spin a web near our stove as 'she' likes to eat the little sugar ants that invade our kitchen from time to time. We find the relationship very symbiotic and leave her to her 'thing' as it's a great help and avoids poison use.
Recently, she grabbed a sizeable crumb of our granddaughter's 'O's cereal and put it in her web.  More sugar ants are drawn to it and she seems to be baiting them more successfully (a nice, dainty little pile of ant-husks has accumulated beneath her web...), literally 'cleaning up'!
Is this behavior common in spiders?  Thanks, Steve in Florida

Hi steve:
This is not common behavior. There are a few spiders in Australia that place scented plant material in the web to attract flies but I have not heard of a spider using sweets to attract ants.
I will tell you something that is unusual. People who encourage spiders in the kitchen. You are my kind of a guy Steve


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